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Rewards NN English...

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Rewards NN English...

The Rewards English Series is an activity book designed to help pre-schoolers discover the basic grammar and structures of the English Language.
This activity book is part of our other series of books Rewards Maths and Rewards Science.
Each book contains a wide variety of interesting and engaging exercises aimed at building and reinforcing skills and concepts.

❖ Collection of Eight activity books (Nursery, Kindergarten 1&2) specially written for preschoolers, each appropriate for each level of preschool education
❖ Age-appropriate activities aimed to introduce young children to the fundamental of English, Mathematics and Science learning through a thematic approach
❖ Wide range of fun and engaging exercises focusing on the development of the essential skills of reading, writing, fine-motor, analysis, creative thinking and communicating
❖ Easy-to-follow directions to motivate children to work on their own