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Smart Phonics Bundle Pack (6 books with Activity Game and Voice)


The SMART PHONICS series comprises six exciting books filled with full-color illustrations. It is written systematically to introduce children to the different letter sounds and blending, followed by a variety of skill sheets to practice. Fun and interactive online phonics activities have been included to positively reinforce early learning. This comes along with a voice-over feature to make learning even more fun. Each book builds on the skills of previous books, so children can gain confidence and finally read and write fluently.

This series covers the following:
Book 1&2 – Short & Long Vowels
Book 3&4 – Initial & Final Consonants
Book 5 – Initial Blends
Book 6 – Consonant Digraphs & Word Families

❖ Extensive coverage of Phonics skills
❖ Effective revision concepts with full-colour illustrations
❖ Online interactive phonics activities
❖ Added voice-over feature

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