G.C.E. 'O' Level English Guided Compositions

Product Code: OL034
This O level composition guide book has several features which are unique in that they help a student to achieve a much better style of writing in the composition exams.
Writing well is not such a difficult task if you have the correct skills. This book has a few key steps which help one to improve within a short frame of time provided that the student practices these skills patiently.
Having a really good grasp of the essay means that you know how to express yourself according to the topic. A sound vocabulary means that you will always use the most suitable phrase, the most descriptive adjectives and the best possible idioms or metaphors.
All the compositions in this book are preceded with a set of vocabulary words which are used in the essay. The vocabulary words have been chosen with care and they fit well into the story line or the arguments which are raised in the essay. Some of the words can be used in various contexts and genres.
Every single composition in this book has an exercise for the student to practice his skills. The most important composition writing skills are taught at the end of every composition. The problem in approaching questions from different genres is addressed too. Every genre requires different ways in breaking down the question.
There are 7 different genres of Situation Writing which are covered in 15 practices. All of them are accompanied by model answers which follow the latest examination format for the GCE O Levels.


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